CPT & SCPT Equipment

CPTu - SCPTu cones, data acquisition and tooling

Our new CPTu and SCPTu equipment comes with an electrical cone that contains temperature-compensated strain gauge transducers that measure the cone resistance as well as the sleeve friction and a pressure transducer. The kit also includes the data acquisition system with all the necessary functionality to perform cone penetration testing and the depth registration system that records the movement of the bridge whenever it is activated either manually (through a hand-operated switch) or automatically (through the use of a pressure switch).

This kit can be sold separately or with any of our CPT ready rigs, like the multi-purpose CSR-174, the versatile MC-23 or the compact CPT-223, our most popular CPT and DMT rig.

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  • Digital CPT cone
  • Hydraulic collet clamp

Sounding Cables

  • Digital sounding starter cable 2m
  • Coupling sleeve for extending sounding cable
  • Digital sounding cable 10/20/30 m

Data Acquisition (DAQ) System

  • DAQ system DCi-100 for dual power supply
  • DAQ digital cable 2m
  • Power supply DCi-100 230VAC-1A

Depth Registration System

  • Encoder for synchronizing CPT data with depth complete
  • Wire for depth registration
  • Encoder cable for depth registration
  • Manual switch to start recording of data with 2m/3m cable
  • Pressure switch - for automatic start and stop of recording

Data Acquisition Software

  • GeoExplorer data acquisition/office software
  • USB 2.0 cable DCi-100/Geologger
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