Helical Pier Load Calculator

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T Installation torque Ft-lbs
Qa Allowable load (with FS) lbs
Qult Ultimate load (without FS) lbs
N60 Blow count
POD Pipe outside diameter in
Kt Empirical torque factor Ft
FS Factor of safety
P Total live load lbs/ft
X Pile spacing in feet ft
H1 Helix 1 diameter In
H2 Helix 2 diameter In
H3 Helix 3 diameter In
A1 Helix 1 area sq ft
A2 Helix 2 area sq ft
A3 Helix 3 area sq ft
Ah Sum of helix area sq ft
c Soil cohesion psf
Nc Bearing capacity factor

Installation torque: T = (Qult / Kt)

Ultimate load: Qult = Qa FS

Ultimate load capacity: Qt = (A1 + A2 + A3)cNc

Installation torque: T = (Pw FS) / Kt

Working pier load: Pw = P in (lbs/ft) X in (ft)

Soil cohesion: c = (N60 / 8) 1000

The figures above are based on general and theoretical calculations from various formulas. The above results are for reference only and are provided for general informational purposes. You should not solely rely on the above referenced results. On-site field tests should be conducted to verify actual load capacities. You should always consult with a professional engineer for the final design and the installation parameters based on the individual project and site conditions. TMG Manufacturing cannot certify or warrant the accuracy of the above results and assumes no liability pertaining to these results.

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