MC-23 Compact Multi-Purpose Geotecnical Drill Rig

Rotary Auger Drill, SPT Autohammer, CPT & DMT Testing, Shelby Tube Sampling and Direct Push

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The MC-23 is a small, yet powerful multipurpose geotechnical drill rig. With a built-in SPT autohammer, a powerful rotary auger drill head, dual anchor masts and 20 ton twin hydraulic drive cylinders that allows for 20 ton CPT testing, DMT testing, Shelby tube testing and direct push sampling, the MC-23 is the smallest and most powerful multi-function rig on the market.

The MC-23 comes with an auger drill head with 3,548 ft lbs of torque that allows for solid flight or hollow stem augers, SPT autohammer, high speed winch with 1,100 lbs of lift force and dual removable anchor masts for fast CPT anchoring or DMT pushing. The MC-23 has 20 tons of push down (crowd force) and 57,000 lbs of extraction force.

Laptop must be provided by the customer. Rods, bits and other tooling is not included.

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Engine & Hydraulic

  • 23 hp (17 kW) - Kohler engine, gasoline, air-cooled
  • 9 gallons (34 liters) fuel tank
  • Electric starter
  • 20 gpm system @ 3000 psi

Mounting Options

  • Standard rubber tracks
  • Optional: truck mounted
  • Optional: trailer mounted


  • Dual hydraulic cylinder driven mast with 57,000 lbs of lift up force and 42,000 lbs of pull down force
  • High speed winch with 1,100 lbs lift force

Rotary Drill Head

  • Single speed rotary drill head
  • Standard: 3,500 ft lbs of torque, max 20 RPM
  • Optional: 5,200 ft lbs of torque, max 18 RPM
  • Optional: built-in torque meter

SPT Autohammer System

  • 140lb (63.5 kg) automatic SPT hammer
  • 30" (76.2cm) drop height
  • Conforms to ASTM D-1586-11 for SPT sampling
  • Can be configured for DPL, DPH, DPSH sampling

CPT - DMT - Shelby Tube - Direct Push

  • CPT - 20 tons push capacity
  • DMT - Marchetti DMT ready
  • Shelby tube - 2" or 3" tubes
  • Direct push - for window sampling

Depth Capacity

  • 50-80 feet (15-25 meters) of depth
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