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Founded in 2002, TMG Manufacturing strives to be the supplier you can count on for quality geotechnical products, drill rigs, tooling and equipment. TMG’s main facility is located in Tampa, Florida just north of Tampa International Airport and we are a nationwide service provider. Our 20,000 square foot facility is equipped and tailored to manufacture and fabricate a multitude of quality products specifically designed for the geotechnical industry, including compaction grouting drill rigs, SPT and CPT soil testing drill rigs, compaction grouting equipment and products, underpinning equipment and products, drill rods, drill casings, drill bits, augers, as well as tooling used in the installation process.

TMG Manufacturing produces an extensive line of drill and test rigs, and the equipment needed for every aspect of foundation and soil stabilization and soil testing. In addition, we produce geotechnical products and equipment covering all of your compaction grouting and underpinning needs.

TMG Manufacturing is equipped with precision CNC lathes and mills, robotic welding, plasma cutting machines and a state-of-the-art hydraulic shop. TMG has an in-house test lab allowing us the unique ability to test and certify our products. Our products are strength and field tested and guaranteed. Utilizing our full range of manufacturing capabilities, TMG has the exclusive ability to provide our customers with “One Stop Shop” convenience.

TMG Manufacturing Corp. is located in Tampa, Florida..

Founded in 2003, TMG currently designs and manufactures our line of drill rigs, drilling equipment, compaction grouting products and underpinning products in our 20,000 sq ft facility. More recently, TMG opened a facility in Costa Rica, to distribute geotechnical equipment and drill rigs in Central and South America.

Two front pictures of our headquarters in Tampa

TMG manufactures all of our products to the highest industry standards. Utilizing the latest in high-tech CNC and robotic equipment, TMG’s manufacturing process produces the same high quality results every time.

TMG owns and operates several CNC Mazak mills and lathes, CNC Haas mills and lathes, Lincoln Electric robotic welding stations, and several automated high-volume steel cutting saws and CNC plasma cutting equipment.

High tech CNC and robotic equipment operated by TMG Manufacturing

TMG Manufacturing has a full-time engineering and design department dedicated to the development of new products. In addition, they are continually monitoring existing products for quality assurance. Utilizing the latest technology in CAD software and advanced 3D printing, TMG designs our products in-house and tests all products before releasing to our customers.

From concept to design to modeling to final product, TMG's design team turns ideas into reality!

Example of our design and manufacturing process. A drill rig in the drawing stage, 3d model stage and final product
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