S-Geobor Large Diameter Wireline Coring System

Wireline Core Drilling Barrel

The S Geobor wireline core barrel with large diameter 5.75" (146 mm) OD, was designed for large diameter core sampling from hard, to extremely soft and clayey formations, using a wide range of drilling methods. It is available in usable lengths of 5ft (1.5m) and 10ft (3 m) sections.

This extremely versatile S Geobor system can be used as a double or triple core barrel to retrieve 4" (101mm) core sample, large diameter (100mm) shelby tube sampling, non core drilling, and water loss / lugeon testing. Water, fluid mud or air can be used as the flushing medium. S Geobor can be adapted to almost all soil and rock situation using different types and shapes of drill bit.

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