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Prevent cross contamination with a cased access hole. The portable AMS Hollowstem auger kit provides the tools needed to reach a 6' depth. The augers cut a 3" diameter hole and have an ID of 1 1/8", making them suitable for soil, soil gas and groundwater sampling through a cased hole. A special Hollowstem soil probe, 7/8" OD by 24" long with slide hammer is included to allow collection of a soil sample through the auger. The AMS gas vapor probes may bae used through these augers telescopically. Bailers up to 1" diameter may be used to collect groundwater samples.

Hollowstem Auger Kit Includes: DeWalt D25763K- 2" SDS Max Combination Hammer Drill, slide hammer, flighted lead auger, flighted extension, two 5/8" x 3' extensions hard surfaced tip, wrenches, nylon brush, AMS deluxe carrying case.

Hollowstem lead section includes: SDS max adapter, 3' flighted extension, inner rod, plug, cap and tip.

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