Gearbox Drill Head

Rotary gearbox drill head with wet swivel

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TMG Manufactures a line of 4-speed gearbox drill heads for geotechnical, water well, micropile and rotary drill rigs.

These rotary drilling heads can be adapted to almost all models of soil drilling machines, and feature a spring-loaded floating head, 4 speeds of drilling, and a built-in wet swivel system for drilling with mud or water.

From the small MS-160 head that has 1,833 rpm and 1,404 ft lbs (1,903 Nm) of torque, to the large ML-630, which reaches 468 rpm and 11,004 ft lbs (14,919 Nm) of torque, our 4-speed rotary heads also have interchangeable couplings, for various sizes of drill rods, and an easy two hose hydraulic connection, and NO electronics. Each gearbox drill head comes with a universal adapter plate.

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  • Top intake wet swivel for water or mud drilling
  • Bolt-on flange adapter for rapid change drill rod adapters
  • Spring loaded floating head for easy pipe threading
  • 4 Speeds
  • No electronics - fully mechanical gears
  • Universal blank mounting plate

Drill Motor - Rotary Gearbox MS-Series

  • MS-200: max 1462 rpm, max torque 1761 Lb ft (2387 Nm)
  • MS-250: max 1169 rpm, max torque 2203 Lb ft (2986 Nm)
  • MS-400: max 902 rpm, max torque 2855 Lb ft (3870 Nm)
  • MS-500: max 723 rpm, max torque 4580 Lb ft (6209 Nm)

Drill Motor - Rotary Gearbox ML-Series

  • ML-200: max 1462 rpm, max torque 3523 Lb ft (4776 Nm)
  • ML-250: max 1169 rpm, max torque 4405 Lb ft (5972 Nm)
  • ML-400: max 902 rpm, max torque 5710 Lb ft (7741 Nm)
  • ML-500: max 723 rpm, max torque 9161 Lb ft (12420 Nm)
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