Flat dilatometer (dmt)

In-Situ Direct Push Dilatometer

The Flat Dilatometer (DMT) is an in-situ test for the determination of various key soil parameters used for geotechnical design. The test is rapid, accurate, simple and cost-effective. The results are highly repeatable and independent from the operator. The blade may be advanced with any field machine, including TMG line of CPT rigs and geotechnical drill rigs. DMT measurements are performed in situ, directly on the soil in its original position and state. This eliminates the disturbance caused by drilling, sampling and transport to laboratory. The profiles of the results are available real time during test execution. The direct measurement of soil deformation enables accurate estimations of the elastic modulus. The KD parameter provides stress history information of the soil, a very difficult property to assess with other testing methods.

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