Grout Injection Lift Bracket

Our patented grout injection bracket assembly includes the same components as our lift bracket assembly, but the top plate has a machined, threaded through hole, allowing easy hose connection for grout injection. Each bracket assembly comes standard with a 12" seat, 4' guide sleeve, 4' perforated starter with soil plug and a top plate. Nuts and bolts included.

The soil plug is 3½" O.D., 1018 cold-rolled alloy steel welded to the end of the starter and used to expand the soil. This removes friction during the underpinning process. Bracket components are CNC machined for reliability and all brackets are robotically welded for consistent quality and strength.

Standard duty injection lift bracket certified to support 45 kips. Heavy duty injection lift bracket certified to support 70 kips.

  • ¾" steel top plate with threaded hole for grout injection
  • Bracket assembly robotically welded
  • 45 kips and 70 kips load capacity
  • Bracket tube of 4" schedule 120 BPE, tensile strength 60,000 lbs
  • Support gussets are 8"x10", ½" thick
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