Compaction Grouting & Rotary Drill Rig

The CGR-174 is a powerful drill rig for compaction grouting and rotary drilling. It features a 74hp tier 4 compliant, turbo charged diesel engine and a 60 rpm hydraulic power unit.

Designed to be extremely mobile for tight spaces, the CGR-174 has been known to drill more than 2,000 feet of grouting casing per working day. It can be ordered a dual collapsible mast allowing drilling operations under the lowest eaves and overhead obstacles.

The CGR-174 compaction grouting drill rig, has a compact and incredibly powerful 4 speed gearbox drill head with a built-in wet swivel and a chain driven mast with V-Rollers.

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  • 74 hp (62.5 kW), Hatz tier 4 compliant, turbo charged diesel engine
  • Water cooled
  • 1.952 liter displacement (1958 cc)
  • Radiator cooling system
  • 12 V electric start
  • 2800 rpm
  • Direct injection
  • Emergency stop button
  • Rpm gauge
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Oil level light

Hydraulic System

  • Hawe hydraulics power unit
  • 50 gpm (189 lpm) max combined hydraulic flow
  • Max 3000 psi (206 bar)
  • Load sensing variable displacement axial piston pump
  • Feather touch controls
  • Oil cooler
  • In-tank oil filter

Track System

  • Stationary track system (300 mm wide 1727 mm long - 11.8” wide 68” long)
  • NACHI 3B track motor with automatic brake system
  • Built-in grease filled tensioning arm and spring


  • Chain driven mast
  • V-Rollers
  • Tilt for travel
  • Standard mast 5 ft (1.5 m) stroke

Pipe Clamp

  • Single pipe/rod bottom clamp
  • Size capability from 1.5” to 6” (Other sizes available)

Mud Pump

  • Moyno 3L6 (or equivalent) continuous flow stator / rotor style mud pump
  • Up to 225 psi (15.5 bar)
  • 50 gpm flow (189 lpm)
  • Independent hydraulic motor
  • Quick coupling
  • Mounted on drill rig frame

Leveling Outriggers

  • 4 hydraulic level outriggers with independent controls

Drill Motor - Rotary Gearbox ML-500

  • Gear 1: 562 rpm at 573 ft lbs (776 Nm) torque
  • Gear 2: 281 rpm at 1145 ft lbs (1552 Nm) torque
  • Gear 3: 70 rpm at 4580 ft lbs (6209 Nm) torque
  • Gear 4: 35 rpm at 9161 ft lbs (12420 Nm) torque
  • Built in heavy duty wet swivel (see bellow)

Heavy Duty Wet Swivel

  • Top intake
  • 18,000 lbs (8,160 kg) load capacity
  • Quick change connectors (AWJ, AW, BW, BWL, NW, NWL, HW, HWL, PW, PWL) others available
  • Automatic spring floating system

Fuel Tank

  • 13 gallon (50 liters) fuel tank with fuel sending sensor

Hydraulic Oil Tank

  • 65 gallon (246 liters) hydraulic oil tank with built-in site level glass

Depth Capacity

  • 500-650 feet of depth


  • Full function remote control for all drilling and driving operations
  • Dual pipe breakout clamp
  • Two stage mast for lower clearance drilling
  • Two-stage mast
  • Side tilt for angle drilling
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